Lost in the Loud Silence examines the unraveling of one woman's identity, based on a friend’s true story, as she strives to regain stability during a break in her marriage. It is a meditation on feeling lost and disconnected, and the surprising ways in which we comfort and challenge ourselves on the path towards discovery. Wrestling with herself and her feelings toward her partner, she uses objects around her to search for clues. Conversing with an owl, leaving bread crumb trails, arguing with herself in her wedding dress, talking to her husband on the phone, listening to the soothing sounds of a conch shell, all play a role in her journey, until she is surprised by an answer. Exploring the Lacanian notion that we are transformed by images of ourselves, in mirrors, photographs, through the eyes of others. I worked with an actor to visualize what an unraveling might look like. I wanted to create something new by stacking various truths into one scenario, and explore the emotional terrain of an identity in flux. Naomi White, Brooklyn, 2013
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