I want to acknowledge that Los Angeles is built on the stolen land of the Gabrieleno Tongva people, and that this idea of displacing indigenous people, and further, ignoring the way they thrive with the land and its creatures, is a huge loss for everyone and every creature on this earth. In addition to the injustice of displacement is the cementing into the dominant culture's mentality a mistrust of the natural world.

My work takes our growing detachment from nature, the land and its creatures, as an entry point. I am thinking about materiality and extraction, the way that capitalism drives corporations to extract at great cost to all beings, the planet and its future, but especially to poor people and black, indigenous and people of color, taking none of the responsibility and all of the money. Corporations poison drinking water and pollute air. They demolish habitats and bio diversity for oil and meat, without consequence.  

My work addresses complex contemporary issues, questioning dominant ethics and narratives throughout history, and asking how we can shift our focus away from the current oppressive, capitalist model of domination to one of equity and collective voice, for the sake of all people, animals and the planet. 

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