Plastic packaging calls to us like a Siren, luring us to our death. Only 8% of plastic is recycled, and none of the single use plastic such as plastic bags, is recyclable. Scouring the street and my daily life for plastic, I photograph, scan and replicate, recycling the un-recyclable.

Each layer is assigned a different color cast to create a conversation between the perspectives, and to point to the struggle between convenience and extinction, blurring the line between representation and abstraction.

This work was born out of frustration with the recent climate change findings, and the knowledge that in 1977 we knew everything we know now, but we were unable to take action and stop global warming. Instead we waged war, and further polluted our oceans and waterways with oil and fracking. Deconstructing the image using iterative slashes through the layers, mimicking the geometric torn edges of the plastic, the photograph attacks itself, as a metaphor for our own repulsion and seduction by plastic, and our role in the climate crisis.

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