Naomi White

Time Capsules from the Anthropocene

In this age of environmental collapse, human being’s face their folly in having dominated every part of the earth, instead of working in tandem with nature. Laws, societal norms, and culture in the Anthropocene, view nature only in relation to how it serves humanity. Today, animals and their environments have no legal rights of their own, unless the extinction of animals, forests or oceans affects humans, corporations, or property.

Capitalism is accelerating climate change through its innate need for growth. Because Capitalism is predicated on growth and oppression, with workers always at the bottom, it breeds inequity, racism, and dominance thinking, just to survive. It creates a competitive sickness to extract every last drop of oil, coal, gold, and granite from the earth. Thousands of animal species have gone extinct in our lifetime because of us. And before this, millions of black and brown people were enslaved and exploited in the name of progress.

The settler-colonialist mindset set in motion the end of the world for people and animals, over and over. Now that white people are finally feeling the effects of their actions, they call it the Anthropocene. Anxiety over climate change is present in people everywhere now. This anxiety influences us physically and psychically, in everything we do.

The effects of our species are written into the rocks. Rocks are the black boxes, databases, cameras, recording our maniacal drive towards extinction. These pictures are visual constructions of what data might look like and say about this moment on earth.

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