Competing desires explores my relationship to motherhood and its challenges. My competing desires are fraught with guilt and anxiety between needing/wanting to work and wanting/needing to be with my child. I use collage to address the contradictions and over-simplifications in photographic representations of women - who are mostly shown in a binary as either (satiated) mothers or (ready) sexual objects. Mining archives of Ms.magazine, Hype Hair, Teen Vogue and more, I explore the hum of alternating mind-sets by juxtaposing images that reflect the anxiety of my emotional terrain.
Desire at its root is always with us, fanned by capitalism, advertising, and the internet. Photography plays a significant role in the creation of desire, in its glamorous lighting and framing, transporting us into a fantasy. Fastening disparate photographic, natural, and household elements together I attempt to investigate the external and internal narratives that flow between these real and imagined realities. 
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