Naomi White is a feminist, visual artist, and educator, working in Los Angeles.  She is the winner of PDN’s Objects of Desire award and has exhibited throughout North America and parts of Europe, including with Tobey FineArts, Christopher Henry Gallery and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in NewYork; GE World Headquarters in Connecticut; Saatchi Art Gallery in SantaMonica; and the NAA Festival Novas Artes Associadas in Barcelos, Portugal, ArtBasel, Miami, and Photo LA. Her work has been published in PDN, TheBrooklyn Rail, Uncertain States in the UK, and On Art & Aesthetics. Whiteholds an MFA in Photography and Related Media from SVA in New York, and a BA inEnglish Literature from San Francisco State. Whiteinvestigates themes of consumerism and identity construction in ourcamera-bound world, focusing on the transformative power of photography toaffect desire and change.

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